Introducing HomeRun 2

Introducing HomeRun 2

It has been a long time coming, but I'm pleased to introduce the HomeKit community to HomeRun 2.

HomeRun 2 expands upon the initial concept that HomeRun introduced in its first iteration, simple HomeKit control of your scenes from your wrist, and now, your Home Screen or directly in-app.

The Features


Grids have become even more powerful with HomeRun 2. You can now create grids that are not linked intrinsically to a HomeKit home. Mix actions on grids between your homes to control anything in the manner you please.

Use grids to set up groups of actions and scenes that best suit your life. You could create a grid with actions you're likely to need during an evening and another for working at home. And that's just the start.


HomeRun 2 finally brings HomeKit control widgets to your Home Screen. Available in three sizes, widgets can be used for single actions or a whole grid of them – the choice is yours.


A brand new complication editor lets you create scheduled complications to toggle scenes and actions in a new beautiful manner. The new clock ring interface lets you easily see what complication will be shown at what time.

Have a complication show your early morning scene button when you wake up, but your movie night scene when it's time to kick back and relax.


With even more icons and colour options than previously before, HomeRun 2 allows you to take control of your grids, complications and widgets in a never ending list of combinations, perfect for creating that aesthetic to match your needs. Let your creative side run wild!

HomeRun Plus

HomeRun 2 introduces a new business model, one that I hope will ensure the app continues to receive updates long into the future.

HomeRun Plus unlocks the following great features:

  • Multiple grids for use on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.
  • Widgets for putting actions and scenes onto your iPhone and iPad Home screens.
  • Multiple configurable complications per type for added flexibility on Apple Watch.
  • Even more icons to choose from when customizing your action buttons – SF Symbols and Emoji are available free.


HomeRun Plus is an optional and simple subscription offering with only two options at launch.

  • A yearly subscription of $4.99 USD
  • A one time lifetime purchase for $19.99 USD.

You can use the following features completely free without subscribing or paying:

  • A single grid for use on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.
  • A single complication per supported family style.
  • SF Symbols and Emoji icons.

I find this to be a fair balance between paid and free features and hope to see people subscribing to unlock these powerful features or simply to support me in development.

For HomeRun 1 Users

For HomeRun 1 users, this ensures you receive all you had paid for previously.

As a thanks to HomeRun 1 customers, I am also offering a 50% discount for your first year of HomeRun Plus. Simply have HomeRun 1 installed when viewing the subscription screen and it will present a special offer under the previously stated options.


To show my commitment to the app into the future as part of HomeRun Plus, I've opened up a public roadmap available here. You are able to see the currently planned features and as always, you can contact me to offer suggestions or feedback. This is the next step of me developing transparently and I hope you'll find it useful.

Final Thoughts

I really hope that everyone will enjoy HomeRun 2. I have been working upon it since August last year and cannot wait to see everyones setups and hear feedback.

As always, there will be issues and bugs in the first few weeks, I'll be working on anything reported as it comes in and shipping many updates, so please do report any issues!

Again, thanks for your support of a humble indie developer.